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The Coupling Business

Couplings are regularly overlooked until a task is nearing its end. With time running out, clients regularly buy whatever a supplier has available. Here is a guide to your coupling world!

Lovejoy Coupling Manufacturer in India

Lovejoy Coupling Manufacturer in India

Lovejoy Coupling Manufacturer in India

Rathi Transpower Pvt Ltd. is a major part of the family-owned Rathi Group Pune. Lovejoy India is the sister company of the organization whose expertise lies in manufacturing and designing coupling for exacting power transmission applications.

The manufacturing facility has a huge range of machining and testing equipment. The processes have been updated over time with continuous improvement in machinery and technology.

Quality is built into every process and every stage of the manufacturing process.

Control of purchased material, process checks at every stage, and a very comprehensive final inspection process make sure that only good quality and confirmed products are sent out to the customers.

We offer our products globally and can offer a vast variety of range of couplings that are readily made available through the global distribution system.

Lovejoy Couplings has a huge range of products that suit every industrial need. With a huge range of over 10 to 15 main types of Coupling build with all industry standards.

These are some of the Coupling which is been offered by Lovejoy:

Jaw Flex Coupling


With its unique wrap-around Nitrile rubber connecting element, the Snap Wrap coupling eliminates the need for dismantling the connected equipment while inspecting or replacing the element – a major benefit when downtime on machinery can run into a huge amount

Combined with a range of prebored hubs, a modular hub design, and a spacer option, the Snap Wrap coupling is unsurpassed for quality, flexibility, speed for installation and maintenance.

H / HR

Individual free-floating load cushions held in place by an outside steel collar. Completely machined castings with easy to assemble and disassemble. Inspection is possible all the time.

Know more at https://bit.ly/724ghhjvbj

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